The Right Coast

April 11, 2005
Proof there is still good in Canada
By Tom Smith

Here. Actually, I knew that already. Canada seems proof to me that real federalism is a very good idea. Anywhere outside of Toronto and Montreal, there seem to be all kinds of good people, whose ideas of values is more than "America is bad." But the country is run, apparently, out of the center. Personally, I think we should offer to buy everything west of the eastern slope of the Rockies, and all those cool maritime provinces. Or maybe we could invent some sort of special status for them, so they could keep out McDonalds but still be, you know, free. To the extent freedom without McDonalds is possible.

Which reminds me, I really enjoyed this series of novels, by Michael O'Brien, or the several I have read. I assume they are all on the same high standard. Yes, the writer may be a bit kooky. The plots (both in the sense of storylines and conspiracies) feature black helicopters (dark grey, actually), anti-religious conspiracies and end times. But as the author explains, it's fiction. O'Brien writes well and paints a spooky picture of an ultra-PC Canada of the future, sort of what you would get if the PC thought police could have their own PATRIOT act and being Catholic equaled being a terrorist. It's also enlightening to read something from such a Canadian perspective. The US is treated as a very foreign country, but a place one could flee to in extremis. Somebody called Canada a "pleasantly authoritarian" country. One worries the pleasantness could disappear in a hurry.