The Right Coast

March 18, 2005
Things Irish (plus the great Blogger suck-a-thon)
By Tom Smith

So, is Blogger back up yet? Testing. Testing. What an unbelievable piece of crap is Blogger. I mean, really. Yesterday, I wrote what I thought might be the best post ever, about growing up Irish Catholic, nuns, my very Irish American, beautiful, alcoholic long dead aunt Mugga, the evil psychotic bitch Sister Ambrosia, my fifth grade teacher, visiting Ireland to make pilgrimage to the places of Yeats's poetry, and what does Blogger do? It eats the post. Poof. Gone. No backup. It may have been destiny or what ever the Celtic word for wyrd is, but even so. I just don't have it in me to do it again. Happy belated St. Pat's everyone. We are going to switch to typepad.