The Right Coast

March 02, 2005
No surprise
By Tom Smith

This doesn't surprise me. Arizona is just like East County San Diego, only more so.

I live about 15 miles north of the border, and I see strange stuff (that's "weeeerd sh#t" in East County lingo) all the time. No, no actually black helicopters. But lots of green and white border patrol helicopters, grey Navy helicopters, and white SD County sheriffs helicopters. I see lots of small, fast, low flying planes flying due North from Mexico. Probably legit, but who knows? It's common to see vans and trucks stopped at the side of the road being searched by La Migra. Once returning from a hike where I had technically been trespassing, a police helicopter followed my car for a mile at rooftop level. If you think being followed by a police car is creepy, try being followed by a police helicopter. Border control activity seems definitely to have gone up since 9/11, which is fine by me.

We might want, however, to consider putting a fence around Arizona.