The Right Coast

March 04, 2005
"No glitter, just mud and night"
By Tom Smith

The largest criminal proceding in French history, involving a huge pedophile ring, is now underway. The details are sickening and alarming. If something like this happens in your country, I'd say that puts the burden on those trying to prove there is not a big problem with the national moral culture. Not that we don't have one, but the French, they may have one too, maybe even worse than ours. But they seem to know this very well:

"We have gone, in the words of a historian, 'from tolerance to scandal,' " read an editorial in Liberation, a Paris daily, adding that the evolution reached beyond national boundaries. "That this trial is happening at the same time as that of Michael Jackson's is not coincidental either," the newspaper said. "But in Angers, there is no glitter, just mud and night."