The Right Coast

March 07, 2005
It's a feminist thing, you wouldn't understand
By Tom Smith

Here's a lovely little story about Susan Estrich trying to blackmail her way onto the LA Times editorial page, where Michael Kinsley in now the op-ed editor. Via Powerpundit. At least for now the none-too-bright, but world class mean squawker seems to have met her match, that rare thing, a man who appears not to be intimidated by the usual threats. I get the feeling you would not want to be on Susan Estrich's cell block or playground in an alternative universe. According to the Post, she is threatening to spread the word the Kinsley's Parkinson's disease is affecting his judgment, as if you need a neurological disorder not to want a rabid duck in your newsroom. This from the gal who famously threatened to besmirch W's reputation, hinting she could lay her hands on all sorts of dirty secrets. It didn't work out too well. I'm not expert on careers, but it strikes me that Estrich may be exercising poor judgment in trying to blackmail her way onto a big newspaper job. It's not as if they are a university.