The Right Coast

February 28, 2005
Appealing How Appealing
By Tom Smith

Lots of good stuff on How Appealing today, including this, on the hysterically named "nuclear ("nuc-u-lar') option" in the Senate. Keep scrolling.

And there is this astute analysis of the First Amendment by one of the true giants of the law. I am a little preturbed, however, as it appears to have been plagiarized from the winner of the Ozark Bend, Arkansas Third Grade All School Essay Contest on "Our Friend the Constitution," but that may just be a coincidence. Great minds, similar tracks and all that. A taste:

"You want to burn the flag or protect the flag [or] salute the flag, I say that's all good," as a judge interpreting the U.S. Constitution, Kennedy said. "You believe in atheism, you believe in a Christian God, I say that's all good."

And that's just a sample of the intellectual riches that await you.