The Right Coast

January 06, 2005
Things to do instead of read exams
By Tom Smith

At this special time of year, law professors, other academics, or just the underemployed generally may find this list useful.

The following are things you can do instead of read exams.

1. Clean the garage again.
2. Eat an orange.
3. Eat another orange.
4. You've been eating a lot. Better go to the gym.
5. Your children are cute. You should play with them for a while.
6. It's amazing how cluttered a garage can get in just a few hours.
7. It's about time you brought some order to the mass of confusion that is your library. Books need to be sorted, dusted, boxed up some of them, some given to charity.
8. Take books to garage.
9. Tidy up garage.
10. Cleaning and organizing is exhausting. Time to take a nap.
11. Pay bills.
12. Sort out spouse's 401k situation.
13. Check email
14. Floss
15. Empty bagless vacuum cleaner; read Dyson, creator of bagless vacuum cleaner story again
16. Feed dogs.
17. Play with dogs.
18. Clean dogs' ears.
19. Look at pile of exams.
20. Do some research for article revisions.
21. Tell spouse you are busy.
22. Clean kitchen
23. Read blogs
24. Check dates for when grade due again
25. Trim beard.
26. Sweep up beard trimmings.
27. Sweep out garage.
28. Mop up floor of garage.
29. Call parents
30. Return all socket wrench parts to their proper places.
31. Do hindu pushups
32. Take down Christmas decorations.
33. Look for missing nativity scene characters on ebay
34. Look for other stuff on ebay
35. Clean out disgusting station wagon.
36. Look for source of smell in minivan
37. Bring up trash cans from curb.
38. Grade exams
39. No, don't do that.