The Right Coast

January 25, 2005
Abortion statistics
By Tom Smith

This speech by Hillary is quite interesting. On the radio this morning, Rush was taking the line that Hillary's reaching out to the right to lifers was to be spurned. I'm not so sure. She may be an opportunist, but that is the nature of politicians.

But anyway, I am more interested in her claim that 7 percent of women account for 53 percent of abortions. That is very interesting, if true. From other sources, to be linked to at a future moment of lesser laziness, I know that number of sexual partners is power law distributed, so that a few hub people have very many sexual partners, while the vast majority of people have but a few. Curiously, income distribution follows that same pattern. Of course, this hardly means there is any sort of causal connection. It would just be interesting to know.

It seems probable that the 7 percent who get many abortions, and I wonder how many that is, are also at the skewed end of the sexual partners distribution. Perhaps not, but it seems probable. I wonder who these women are? Are many of them prostitutes? It would be interesting if it were the case that by enforcing laws against prostitution more rigorously, one could greatly reduce the number of abortions. I suppose good data on who is a prostitute is hard to come by, since presumably only a small percentage of prostitutes have actually been arrested or convicted for that crime. There might be other markers, however. Somehow I doubt researchers are falling over themselves to find this out.