The Right Coast

December 09, 2004
More on medical marijuana
By Tom Smith

Appropos medical marijuana, I cannot believe I am the only person to whom it has occured that the Chief Justice might soon, if he hasn't already, be in a condition where a big, fat spleef would do him some good. There are those who would argue the country would be a better place if this had occurred years ago. On the other hand, under no circumstances should David Souter be allowed to light up. We know all we want to know about what goes on inside the mind of Souter, and anything that would encourage loquatiousness on his part is much to be avoided. As to Justice Kennedy, well, what harm could it possibly do? I for one am more to willing to randomly rewire that squash and see what happens. Justice Thomas got rid of his stash a long time ago. What about Nino? Goodness. There's a sobering thought. Baked Scalia. What about Ma O'Connor? Did she ever fire up a bowl of loco weed back in Rattlesnake Gulch? Unfortunately, we are in the position where every one of those brain cells must be conserved. Who knows on which two or three the future of the Republic may depend. Breyer would probably get all excited about the Administrative Procedure Act, and I don't want to be there.