The Right Coast

November 02, 2004
That's what I'm talking about
By Tom Smith

Well, it looks like a win for W and a good thing too. It came down to FL and OH, as I said it would, just following the betting lines. After a panic brought on by the leaked exit polls, tradesports settled down and became a valuable guide for the night. I found it consistently ahead of the networks. (The best of which was Fox, largely because of the amazing Michael Barone. He actually knows the layout of key counties in Ohio. How sick is that? )

Except for the panic, the lines did a good job revealing that PA was never really in play, and that MI and MN were long shots for W at best. They also foretold W's apparent victory in NM.

NOW it looks like Iowa might go W. It also looks like it might end up in the automatic recount range. Very close. Nevada and NM look pretty safe.