The Right Coast

October 04, 2004
Who wants to be a billionaire?
By Tom Smith

So here's a public disclosure of my newest product idea. If I understand patent law correctly, I have a year to file my patent application from about one minute from now.

I call it, the wearable, third-party verified, real time net worth indicator. It would be a little electronic badge thingy that you could wear on your lapel, as a medalion or whatever, that would indicate your net worth at that moment. It could do this by changing colors or displaying some prominent symbol, such as a big M when over 1 million USD. The analogy would be to military rank, only this would be a conspicuous display of your financial rank. It would be third party verified, for example, by a recognized accounting firm. We all know Rolex watches and Porsches are just signaling devices. Well, finally, a signaling device that actually is a signaling device! And, if properly designed, it could be much more reliable than a leased Porsche about to be repossessed. It would not have to be garish. People in bars could just look at it discretely the same way they look at your name tag at a conference. Think about it.