The Right Coast

October 09, 2004
San Diego culture
By Tom Smith

Some people say San Diego doesn't offer much culture. I don't know what they are thinking. For example, I just found out from one of my students that the guy with a credible claim to be the world's best grappler, Dean Lister, lives right here in San Diego. Here's a picture gallery of Lister in action. The shot of the floor of the "cage" covered in blood is a bit much, but it certainly makes a point.

He used to train at City Boxing downtown, and is said to be about to open a new dojo soon. Might be worth checking out.

While I'm on the subject, let me mention a book. Many, many of the books written on subjects such as weight training, fitness, and fighting arts are such unbelievable rubbish. They may have truth in them, but they are so badly written and full of various forms of promotional baloney, you just can't get through them. So how refreshing to come across a book that is very well written, clear, full of straightforward practical advice, written by (with the help of a professional writer -- and it shows) a true star in the field, Renzo Gracie, and as a bonus, has an introduction that is the best short history of "mixed martial arts" I have ever read: Gracie and Danaher's Mastering Jujitsu. This book would be a bargain a half the price.