The Right Coast

October 20, 2004
How to think like a left wing Brit
By Tom Smith

Buckeyes (note to British people -- that's someone from Ohio) seem to be really offended that Brit lefties of the Guardian sort are presuming to tell them how to vote. Of course, any American, including Kerry's campaign, could have told them that would be the case. But don't worry, these Brits really do know how to handle terrorists. Really. Their apparent lack of insight into other cultures does not extend to the Middle East. That, they really do understand, and deeply. If someone cuts off your head, you have to let them cut off your other head, so to speak.

In defense of the UK, let me just say, Tony Blair. The SAS. That officer who carried the umbrella into Normandy and led with it.

The leftish UK media is like ours. It does not speak for the Brits, who still have a lot of steel in their spines. And same for the Canadians. The elite around Toronto is hopeless, but many in Western Canada are on our side. In the future, we really might want to consider buying large parts of Canada. Many people who live there enjoy practicing their religion, for example, and would like to live in a country where they can do it, even with all the incredibly complicated human rights issues that raises. If we do this, we would have to be prepared for shock to our dental care infrastructure. Canadians in turn can teach us how not to be so fat.