The Right Coast

October 05, 2004
Funny birthday card
By Tom Smith

My lovely sister in law sent me the following birthday card, which cracks me up. (Thursday is my fsomething birthday):

Picture of skinny old guy, white shoes and belt, golf shirt, next to solid old wife, short gray hair, golf shirt. He is pointing authoritatively at something off shore; it looks like San Diego
"And that land mass there is called 'stick out point' because of the way it sticks out into the water . . ."
[Inside card:] One year older, one year closer to making up crap.

And then, in class yesterday, a male student says to me: "Has anyone ever told you you look just like that guy on the [some talk show I've never heard of].
Female student: You mean the old guy?
Me: Old guy?!!
Female student: I'm sorry. My filter doesn't seem to be working.