The Right Coast

October 01, 2004
cool spiders
By Tom Smith

Coolest spider TV show I've ever seen. Unbelievable photography. If you are reincarnated as an insect, remember, the default rule is, it's a spider.

Fun spider facts:

They eat you while you're still alive. The venom just paralyzes.

Some scientists think spiders are as smart as small mammals. Portia (sp?) spiders seem to communicate with signs.

All spiders are predators.

Sydney funnel webs can survive in a swimming pool for a long time. They can bite you underwater.

The dessicated corpse of an Australian camper was found in a forest. He was obviously not aware he had been camping in a forest infested by thousands of deadly funnel webs, during the season males wander at night.

Male black widows sometimes roll over during mating to expose their bellies to Mom, who gorges herself on it, thus allowing the genitals (?) of the male to spend more time depositing sperm into the female. National Geographic has captured this whole thing for your enjoyment.