The Right Coast

October 21, 2004
Congress should take this in hand
By Tom Smith

Readers of this blog know it takes a lot to get me upset. I am a model of equanimimtyewnh equimimminty calm-mindedness.

But this really ticks me off. If a member of the armed forces is in the field, then anything done that has the effect of disenfranchising him should be taken as a grave violation of law.

Congress should really pass legislation on this one. If they can pass the Voting Rights Act, presumably they have the power. The states should just be told to stop fooling around with the military vote, or else. If it weren't for people in the military, none of us would be voting at all.

Maybe the Democrats should try out a new slogan: "Of course we support our troops; we just don't want to count their votes!"

Or how about: "Democracy: Too important to be left to those who die for it."