The Right Coast

October 01, 2004
Belmont Club replies to Randy Andy
By Tom Smith

Andrew Sullivan is just unbelievably tedious about Iraq. He might as well be CBS. Anyway, Belmont Club explains. (As to the rude nickname, if you go on about how hot Jesse Ventura is, you risk getting a rude nickname too. To be fair, if it turns out that Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Scalia really did say that sexual orgies would be good for society, which I doubt (both), then I will try to come up with a rude nickname for him too, as soon as I get over the appalling effect of contemplating a sentence that has both "Scalia" and "orgy" in it. There is a reason why short, stocky, balding, aging Italian men with sour expressions rarely appear in porn films, with or without black robes. Porn films of that sort are definitely out of the mainstream.)