The Right Coast

September 16, 2004
You be the judge!
By Tom Smith

Here's your chance to be a judge and help out the moot court program at USD law school!


No need for experience in Torts. Any attorney or judge is welcome to volunteer.

Volunteer Dates: Wed, Sept 22 and Thurs Sept 23 evening.

Prior to the scheduled arguments, a board member will contact the volunteer
judges to confirm participation in the tournament. Judges will then receive the
tournament bench brief and detailed instructions to help prepare for the
arguments. On the day of the arguments, judges need to arrive at the downtown
Superior Courthouse by 4:45 pm. Dinner & refreshments will be provided. Prior
to the start of oral arguments, we will host a brief judges meeting to
highlight the relevant logistical details. Each judge will serve on a three
judge panel and hear two rounds of oral arguments. The entire judging
experience should not last more than three hours.
If interested in judging, please fill out the interest form online at and submit it to us via email or fax as soon as

Please feel free to sign up for more than one night of judging or more than one
tournament. We will work to accommodate all preferences and will let you know
which tournaments you have been selected for.

Alumni Torts Tournament: This is our annual intramural tournament that gives
individual competitors the opportunity to argue a case involving challenging
issues in tort law. This year’s case, Ashley Mercer v Dennyland, Inc., arises
from an alleged injury a guest of a local amusement park suffers after riding
the park’s main roller coaster, the MindBender. The main issues involve whether
common care liability should be the appropriate standard of care for amusement parks and whether the amusement park employees falsely imprisoned the guest.