The Right Coast

September 13, 2004
It had to happen
By Tom Smith

Here it is. It's all Rathergate, all the time. A blog, devoted entirely to the evolving scandal at CBS.

It's a good thing, because now that I am satisfied the docs are fake, it's time to move on, even as I hope CBS remains mired in it for a while.

I heard a hint of a new line of defense that is particularly rich, that may raise its ugly and pathetic head soon. It goes, "yes, the documents are fake in a sense, but actually they are accurate transcriptions of other documents that are Out There Somewhere. Our Unnamed Source assures us they are accurate transscriptions." Hooookay.

Ma, quick pluckin' that chicken and come to the wireless! CBS done got a new story for us, and it's summin'! All the way from New York City!