The Right Coast

September 12, 2004
Hugh Hewitt, journalist
By Tom Smith

Really good post over at HH's site. Excellent summary on the state of play on Rathergate, and very good reflections on the significance of the story for journalist in old and new forms. The link to the New York Times story should be followed. It looks like Kerry is putting his hopes on Ohio and Florida now; the map of battleground states has shrunk. Even NYT thinks so (I'm applying the admission against interest principle here).

HH is also right about the North Korea explosion. I don't believe the line from the Pentagon that it's "no big deal." Maybe it is just a forest fire; I just mean the DOD statement adjusts my beliefs in neither direction. Maybe in the future bloggers (or whatever they/we are called then) will have the capability to second guess evaluations of sattelite imagery and not just typefaces. Today CBS, tomorrow the Pentagon.