The Right Coast

September 09, 2004
Did CBS rely on forged documents for Bush National Guard story?
By Tom Smith

You have to be so careful these days. Well, you don't really have to. It's just that if you're not, some blogger or other internet bird dog will bite you where it hurts.

Anyway,, dedicated to the noble cause of tracking Dan Rather's political biases, has some forensic, um, speculation that suggests CBS may have unwittingly relied on forged documents for its 60 Minutes story about Bush's unsatisfactory National Guard performance. Who could have done such a thing? It would be downright sleazy!

My question is, does Susan Estrich have one of those old selectric typewriters? Maybe it's under her dogeared copies of Our Bodies, Our Selves and The Bell Jar.It

G-d, I am so glad the 'seventies are over. But that's another story.

MORE . . . Oh, dear. It looks like the docs might actually be forgery. How droll. I tell you, this blogosphere thing has gotten out of control. Men who have devoted their lives to public service are being blah, blah, blah! What right does some little pipsqeak have to question one of the great journalists blah, blah! If this story keeps developing, it promises to be the funniest thing since the blue dress. (Is that dress in the Clinton Library or something? It should be preserved somewhere . . . )