The Right Coast

September 03, 2004
Clinton's mysterious heart
By Tom Smith

My lovely wife the physician Jeanne, who is not a cardiologist, but an endocrinologist, says it is very odd that Clinton went from not knowing anything was wrong with his ticker, to needing a quadruple bypass, all sudden like. He presumably had thorough physicals every year, while in office. If his heart problem was as bad as we know it was, this would have shown up four years ago, in all probability. Any cardiologist readers out there are welcome to correct me, but isn't this kind of puzzling? Maybe there was something in Bill's medical records, which never got disclosed, did they?, besides five STD's you have never heard of, as well as most you have. Maybe that's why Hillary was always on him about his diet. Maybe his "slightly elevated" cholesterol was a big lie. Hard to believe, I know.

This is a good story for the blogosphere. There must be some doctor bloggers out there who can tell us if are getting snowed by this story, which strains my credulity: The bad heart that came out of nowhere.