The Right Coast

August 07, 2004
Swiftboat vet ads
By Tom Smith

Here's a link to the Swiftboat vet ad against Kerry.

I met a guy who spent a long time on one of those swiftboats in Vietnam. He was a security guard at this hospital I worked at as a groundskeeper. I must have picked up 100,000 cigarette butts over the course of two summers, which believe me, would be very good training for public office, as it consists largely in cleaning up messes made by Congress. In any event, the Navy vet said he spent a year getting shot at, being scared out of his mind, and smoking a lot of pot to adjust to the life of having hot lead streaming at him from the jungle day after day. He said he had joined the Navy to avoid getting drafted into the Army, where he was afraid he would get shot at. Perhaps he moved to Idaho because it was a long way from water.