The Right Coast

August 10, 2004
A strange land
By Tom Smith

So if this is correct, and fashionable Brits refer to the people who live in Israel as "the Jews," shouldn't they also refer to Israel differently, just to be consistent? They could call it "Jewland" or perhaps "Jewlandia."

I wouldn't get invited to many dinner parties. I think the best thing we can do is win the war on terror, and then the fashionable Brits and the rest of them will go the way of the pre WWII British brownshirts, and cease ever to have existed. Indeed, they will take credit for having advocated a tough line on terrorism all along, isn't that right, darling? Making America fashionable again isn't the most pressing reason to defeat terrorism, but it is one of the collateral benefits. That is the logic of false friendship at the heart of the fashionable world.