The Right Coast

August 07, 2004
Stop this now
Tom Smith

I thought we had settled that lying by a presidential candidate was a personal matter. Can we please just move on? What could be more personal than how one chooses to spend Christmas day? Especially if it involves shooting civilians in Vietnam, or doesn't. I can't keep straight was is supposed to have happened, what everyone knows he made up, and what informed people realized actually did happen. Did he go to Cambodia, did he earn his Silver Star? Let's just all agree that this is nobody's business. It's also nobody's business if the media makes things up. What one chooses to put in a newspaper is one's own business. Personal. Is that clear enough for you? All of us tell lies. I even had a colleague here at the law school who, in defending Clinton, said he told lies and had had affairs, and that he thought his wife had too. Well, if a law professor can do it, who is anyone to question that behavior? Whether he was telling the truth about lying and having affairs, I don't know. He might have been lying about lying and exagerating his virility. In any event, it's extremely personal. Like whether Kerry had an affair with that staffer who ran off to Africa. Personal. Whether his wife is a Rolls Royce engine powered harpie. Personal. Now will everyone shut up and stop criticizing Kerry? You are violating his sacred right to privacy.