The Right Coast

August 06, 2004
Guy Lit Update
By Tom Smith

Many thanks to those who have sent in suggestions for the Guy Lit list. The movement is growing! I think I will ultimately convert the list into a mondo list at Amazon, in my attempt to educate the world as we know it.

So far suggestions have been strong on war and crime, but some categories probably need more representation. For example, what about sports? Are there sports books, memoirs, histories, fiction or whatever, that rise to the level of literature or get pretty close? Or which are just damn good, whatever anybody says?

Another area is the American West. There must be lots of good books in that area. Lonesome Dove is a superb novel, for example, loaded with guy stuff. Any others?

Finally, are there any books about men and women that qualify as guy books? Of the cuff, I can't think of any, but that doesn't mean there aren't any.

Not much yet on the literature of the sea, except of course Patrick O'Brian who will definitely be on the list. The Bounty books are also on. Kon-Tiki should be there. Others? People eating people on islands and rafts are always good.

Keep up the good work! Also, be encouraged to send links to any other blogs that might be interested. The more the merrier on this one.