The Right Coast

August 07, 2004
Abortion debate in UK
By Tom Smith

Sometimes it must be nice not to have a written constitution. In the UK, Parliament is reconsidering Britain's permissive abortion regime, in light of public reaction to evidence about the survivability of unborn fetus non-person persons after only 6 months of gestation, plus new ultra-sound videos that show the critters looking and acting remarkably like babies. (But for the love of Values, don't let that fool you! They're sneaky little devils! And this is just the beginning of the manipulation. Once they get out and become provisional non-person persons, they do all kinds of things to ingratiate themselves, make cute noises, gaze at you, smell good (if clean), gurgle, wave arm-like appendages, coo, chuckle, suckle if you let them, and otherwise violate your privacy right and left. Take my word for it, they are not to be trusted!) (Click on "video" in upper right to see what the ultra-sounds look like.)

Normally, I would be in favor of considering facts, including those revealed by new technology, in a debate over policy, but this is an exception. Looking at facts in this case may threaten a woman's right to choose. By looking at facts, we would be taking a step onto a slippery slope which could lead to the restriction of this all important right. Sometimes facts have to be ignored in the interests of more important ends. And besides, what is a fact, anyway? Who knows? It's all relative, personal, patriarchal, and all that other stuff you learned in college. Now shut up.