The Right Coast

July 08, 2004
Taking Dowd Seriously
By Tom Smith

Just kidding. It's impossible to take Maureen seriously. But to be fair, this is the sort of thing she does well. The bitchy but accurate seeming comments about Toraisa (your taxes) Ketschup Kerry, noticing the haystacks blocking the view of her palatial "farm" estate, how she tolerates rather than adores her second husband, her seeming contempt for Kerry and Edwards, but her hatred for Bush and Cheney -- this is a nicely pulled off column. Notice it's not serious, she makes little attempt to comment on foreign policy, which is way out of her depth. She sticks to what she does well: catty society column commentary. The line about Cheney indeed being able to be President -- he already is, is clever.

I have lots of reasons to vote against Kerry, but a sufficient reason is to avoid having as first lady a snooty French colonial who is a billionairess because she gold-dug a great American (and Republican!) fortune, and is now using that money to promote left-wing causes.