The Right Coast

July 19, 2004
Read this very nice essay by a Ninth Circuit Judge
By Tom Smith
Yep.  He's nailed it alright.
Canada, America, cowboys, the frontier, thumos.  What more could you want?
Just one little nit.  I don't think you ever want to call a cowboy a mid-Westerner.  Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and everything south to Texas is the West. And west obviously, until you get to California, which is California, except for LA, which is LA, and the Bay Area, which is the Bay Area.  The West extends to the Cascades, west of which is whatever they call that moldy country.   Rainland.  Moldavia.  PCifica.  Texas is Texas.  I don't know what you call Nebraska, the Dakotas, Oklaholma, etc., but I doubt they like mid-West.