The Right Coast

July 10, 2004
Funny stories
By Tom Smith

A couple of funny stories from our dinner last night with old friends Greg and Melinda. They have friends, the dad of whom is a biologist. Their oldest son is named Darwin and very interested in biology. He was saying his prayers one night (they're religious evolutionists -- there are a lot of us) and the boy prayed "Dear God, please help my parents mate so I can have a little brother."

Anyway, he did get a little brother, and he turned out to be a bona fide genius, of the Little Man Tate variety. Mom would go into his room every morning and say "hello, baby!" to the little critter in the cradle. When the baby was two months old, mom went and said "hello, baby!" and the baby replied "hello!" At that point the mom said she waited to see his head spin around. But it turns out he's just a genius.