The Right Coast

July 27, 2004
Can a stealth candidate win?
By Tom Smith
It is an interesting question whether a candidate can win by hiding his personality and views from the electorate.  Steyn is skeptical and so am I?  Via RCP.

Did Kerry really say he hunted deer by crawling around with his trusty 12-gauge?  I know it's possible to hunt deer with a 12-gauge, but not many people do it, when a rifle is so much more accurate.  And crawling around in the mud?  He's obviously thinking about ducks, which maybe someone in his social group hunts occassionally. 
UPDATE:  Several readers wrote in to say hunting deer with a shotgun is common in heavily forested states such as Michigan.  In parts of some states, it is even required.  I did know that buckshot was for bucks, I just thought everybody used rifles, as they do in Idaho, with rare exceptions.  Crawling through the mud for a deer still sounds phony, however.  I suppose you might if you were sneaking up for a close shot, but I don't know, as I come from a dry state where there's not a lot of mud crawling.  If Kerry wants to be cool, maybe he should say he only hunts with a spear.  That way, he could be ultra-manly and not offend the gun-control crowd.