The Right Coast

July 23, 2004
Abortion update
By Tom Smith
This is more sad than funny.

I love the line about handicapped people making a fuss about the aborting of non-person persons with disabilities.  They are a fussy lot.  First, they take up all those parking places, and now this.  True, they did get us those spacious toilet stalls, but still.  Imagine them thinking that saying aborting disabled fetuses opens the door to disposing of disabled people who are walking, or wheeling around, as the case may be.  Ridiculous! 

It relates to this, TV's insistence on treating abortion as a touchy, morally ambiguous topic.

It's so annoying when people just don't get morally desensitized on schedule.  Maybe we need some shows for kids that would depict a trip to the abortion clinic in a happy, upbeat, above all normal context.

"Where are you going today, dear?"
"I'm going to get an abortion, Mom!"
"Good choice, Mary!  Have a nice abortion!"
"I will, Mom! Thanks!"
Cut to scene of Mary skipping away, hopping on her bike and pedalling cheerfully away to the clinic.

A lot of euphemisms out there to deal with.  Planned Parenthood.  It's not really about becoming a parent, is it?  Quite the opposite really.  And it's not really about planning either.  More like, you didn't plan and now you're going to be a parent.  Maybe they should take a clue from bail bondsmen.  They come right out and say what their business is: "Get out of jail now!"  So maybe something like "Clean Kill Abortion Clinic."  Needs some work, but you get my drift.

I like "reproductive freedom."  I want financial freedom of the same kind.  I could spend my money, and still have it.