The Right Coast

June 19, 2004
President Bill pens a flinger
By Tom Smith

I gather down under they have a term for a really bad book -- a "flinger", meaning what you should do with it. If this is the review the Clin-tome gets in the New York Times, it must be truly a stinkeroo. He probably should have just let a staff of ghosts write it.

I would say "because I could" is a meaningless response to the question "why did you do it" with young Monica, but when you think about it, a stupid question deserves a stupid answer. It's like asking a bank robber why he stole the money. What is he supposed to say? It's easier than earning it? I thought if I just asked for it, they wouldn't give it to me? I prefer money to vegetables? The better question is something like, why did you think you could get away with it? Or, to what do you attribute your lack of normal moral development? My non-expert view is that Clinton is a sociopathic personality, who simply lacks the moral sense most people are born with. I think it is likely he raped Juanita Broderick, for example. I'm not positive he did, but I followed her story pretty closely and know a little about rape (I even taught criminal law one year!), and it seemed to me her story held together pretty well. Of course, maybe she was coached by experts from the vast RWC, yada yada. And I thought I was cynical about the feminists before that incident. Not as cynical as Clinton, I guess. Doesn't it seem likely, however, that Bill is making up for lost time now with the ladies, that every one who knows him slightly knows that the notion that he and Hillary saved their marriage with therapy and turning over a new leaf is a total crock, but everyone has agreed to turn a blind eye because they're rightly sick of the subject and it doesn't help the cause? I hope he lives a long life, because I'm not ready for his funeral. He should be careful, though: he has got-drunk-and-drowned-in-his-hottub written all over him. Either that, or death by Viagra overdose, said to be an unpleasant way to go.

But thank God for small favors. One good thing about the book being a stinker is that it will disappear sooner from the public consciousness, such as it is.