The Right Coast

June 16, 2004
Information value equals zero
By Tom Smith

An unnamed CIA analyst says Iraq and Al Qaeda had no substantial ties. The FBI agrees. But DOD thinks they did. They all are the same people who failed to see 9/11 coming. There is a long standing and sometimes vicious rivalry among these agencies anyway. The staff of the 9/11 commission? Who are they? Is this report just a political swipe at Bush and his Iraq policy? We can't trust the 9/11 commission, we can't trust their staff, we can't trust what the Post says about what the staff says, and we can't trust what the analyst says the CIA thinks, nor can we trust what the CIA does in fact think, assuming they have a unified position, which is doubtful. Not that the DOD or the FBI is any bargain either. I hope this clears things up. Welcome to the wilderness of mirrors.

And take a look at this at instapundit. I guess I forgot about how carefully you have to parse what the Post says in this does "is" mean "is" era.