The Right Coast

June 10, 2004
Anti-Christ (who is alive today) revealed!
By Tom Smith

In an article in the left-wing Canadian Catholic journal Catholic New Times, semi-journalist David Madsen has revealed that Pope John Paul II thinks Bush may be the Anti-Christ.

There are some suspicious facts. Not widely known is that 666 is the number of Dick Cheney's cholesterol count. Mere coincidence? And then there is the Book of Bob, a secret manuscript kept in the Vatican's vault, which reads, in relevant part:

And lo, they shall eat of the ribs of the unclean beast with wicked spices, and he shall be their leader . . .

These unclean, wickedly spiced ribs seem a clear reference to the spicy pork ribs so popular in our Southland. And their leader, their governor perhaps? Of course, it might be the former governor of another southern state. "And his mate shall make thee curse thy hindquarters, for she shall make thy hindquarters pain thee, and she shall be an abomination . . . " This doesn't sound like Laura Bush to me.