The Right Coast

May 07, 2004
Those darn Syrians
By Tom Smith

Oh, really, what's the big worry. The Iraquis didn't have nukes, and the Syrians won't get them either. Or Iran. Or North Korea. Well, they may have some, but that's our fault, for not giving them enough aid. We forced them to renege on that deal. And why should the US be the only super-power anyway? What makes us so special? Israel has nuclear weapons, so why shouldn't the Syrians? The Syrians wouldn't give them to terrorists, and there's no proof that they would. No good proof. No proof that is absolutely convincing. And if they did give some to terrorists, so what? We are the true terrorists! Look at what we did to the Native Americans! Genocide. Maybe we deserve to have a nuke go off in New York. That would teach us. So, as you can see, no reason to worry about the Syrians getting nukes.

BTW John Bolton was a partner at the firm I was at in Washington. I didn't really know him, but by all accounts, a very smart guy, hard headed, smart lawyer type. If he is worried about the Syrians, maybe you should be too. But not really. It's all just the vast right wing conspiracy, trying to make sure Halliburton gets to build more latrines in the Middle East.