The Right Coast

May 07, 2004
This just doesn't seem very progressive to me
By Tom Smith

So Little Popelette Sadr has decreed that any militiamen that capture a British female soldier can keep her as a slave, according to AP. I think I need to be reminded again why the progressive forces of the Left support this guy. I realize it's not so much that they want slavery back, as that they want the US to lose, but don't you sort of have to consider the consequences of your actions, or is that just deluded bourgieous thinking, or something?

Moreover, I doubt British women would make very good slaves, just in general, and the ones actually fighting in Iraq, well, something tells me they would be even less suitable for slavery than the average Brit. And maybe the military genius Sadr should consider how the British public is going to feel after the tabloids get ahold of the story of British women being kept in slavery, assuming they manage to take any alive, which is doubtful. So far, the Iraquis have seen pretty polite Brits. They haven't seen the demonically possessed lion Brits yet. A few British slaves would probably do the trick. You go, little pope-boy.

Is it just me, or is this Sadr fellow starting to get really tedious? Perhaps the British should capture him and sentence him to working in a dingy little tea shop in Brighton for the next 20 years. But, oh, that would surely be a violation of human rights. Another idea that appeals to me at least. Apparently there is this version of the JDAM that is just a 1000 pound, bomb shaped block of concrete with a sophisticated guidance system. The Brits use them to take out tanks when they don't want a big explosion. Very British, somehow. Let's drop one of those on him! Preferably just as he his raising his finger talking about the glories of enslaving British women, or any women for that matter. That's the sort of feminism I could endorse.