The Right Coast

May 18, 2004
Second grade anatomy
By Tom Smith

Our second grader, William, brought home the following extremely cute song, about brains:

(To the tune of My Darling Clementine)

The Dendrite Song

Use your dendrites,
Use your dendrites,
To connect throughout your brain!
Take in info, analyze it!
Grow some new ones

Axons send out
To the dendrites all around.
Across the synapse
Jumps the impulse;
New ideas can now aboud!

Is what the brain needs
To make dendrites stretch and grow!
New connections
Make us smarter
In what we think and what we know!


Some mind-brain identity going on here apparently, and some neuroanatomy too. Who says you can't get science in Catholic schools?

Oops! The song is copyrighted by Bruce Campbell. Good on ya, Bruce.