The Right Coast

May 28, 2004
An outrageous example of ethnic profiling
By Tom Smith

The latest FBI/DOJ call to be on the lookout for suspected terrorists is an outrage. Not only, as the press has recently revealed with their characteristic courage, is the government issuing warnings without being certain that there will be an attack, but, as this website clearly demonstrates, they are engaged in egregious ethnic profiling. Among the suspected terrorists, there is not a single elderly Asian person. Pacific Islanders are conspicuously absent. Not a single African-American. And only one woman, and she depicted in a traditonal headscarf that just screams stereotype, not to mention the men's headwear. Is this some kind of conspiracy? Are we to believe that the suspected terrorists are really all of similiar ethnic and/or religious persuasion. This is the stuff of right wing fantasy, not real life.

Just an unrelated idea. I think Aafia needs a new look. Now she has too much of that, Nurse Sought in 27 Suspicious Deaths thing going. My picture is, cut the hair, do something with more body, and maybe a turtleneck, hip glasses. Just a thought.