The Right Coast

May 13, 2004
Nick Berg video
By Tom Smith

I finally found a download of the Nick Berg video here that worked and watched the video.

Here is a link to the Right Coast typepad site, where you should be able to download the video in zipped form. If you save it to a location on your drive, then click on it, it should play, assuming you have Windows media player on your system.

As I mention on the other site, the 'price' for downloading here is saying a prayer for Nick Berg and his family.

I'm linking this because I think this is a video that Al-Queda has changed its mind about Americans watching, and which the mainstream media seem not to want us to see. It clarifies things. Poor Nick reminds me of animals I have seen slaughtered on the ranch. Which is no doubt how they see us and our children.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, the reason I am posting this is because I think, contrary to what Al Qaeda was hoping, this video is having the opposite effect. No doubt one of Al-Q's disadvantages in PR is that they find it hard to predict how people with normal consciences will react. With Al Jezeera now saying the video is fake, and denial of service attacks on websites publishing the video, it seems clear Al-Q wants this cat back in the bag. But one thing blogs can do is get out news, even when our enemies don't want it out, and even when the mainstream press would just as soon not carry the story. One can bloviate forever about the nature of terrorism and terrorists, and not make the point as vividly as the last 30 seconds of the the Nick Berg video.