The Right Coast

May 25, 2004
Michael Moore is a big, fat liar
By Tom Smith

The recent awarding of a Palm d'or (sp? and I don't care) to Michael Moore has really shaken my faith in the international film elite. We rely on them for measured judgments of the art cinematique (ditto). But how can we do this if the giving of prestigious artistic prizes is based so obviously on politics? Are we to believe that something has gone amiss in the process of international aesthetic peer review? Is it possible that the judges and audience in the south of France of full of merde? Eh! Bien! who-can-say? Pffffffffttt! [Gallic shrug] Peut-etre that-is-your-ohpiniohn!

If you really wanted a conspiracy theory, you could tell the story of French support for Saddam and I would guess ongoing support for our enemies in the region. My father-in-law is in Paris now with his lady friend and he says it's swell. OK, they can keep Paris. Maybe Disney could buy it and turn it into one big amusement park.

Here's the link that got this all started. I called Moore on the phone and he said it is all true.