The Right Coast

May 25, 2004
It's the new game sensation!
By Tom Smith

Can you find the cross the ACLU wants removed from the LA County shield? It's there! Really! OK, start in the center of the seal, and go to your right. See it, floating over the little mountain there? Yep, that's it! I don't know about you, but I feel the constitutional temple shaking even as I look.

I am not a constitutional lawyer, and cases like this are one of the reasons why, but isn't it kind of STUPID to fuss about a tiny, tiny cross on the seal of a city named "The Angels", which is short, isn't it, for "Our Lady of the Holy Angels" or something like that? The whole coast of California is just one saint after another.

Much to his credit, County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich wrote to ACLU executive director Ramona Ripston that her letter was "right out of a George Orwell novel. Your failure to understand the history and to rewrite it from the so-called political correctness follows the hate of past book burners."

Yep, that gets it exactly. Orwellian it is.