The Right Coast

May 17, 2004
Is this true?
By Tom Smith

It will be up to us in the blogosphere to figure out just what the heck is going on. If it's true that the torture at Abu Ghraib was approved at the top as part of some super-secret program, well, there will be hell to pay. Major disaster for US national security certainly seems a possibility, but at least we will have the consolation of knowing we are doing what the New Yorker thinks is right.

Update: Hmmmmm. Seymour seems to have some credibility problems.

Belmont Club on the home front, and it really is a front. What does the Left think they're doing? Let's say you believe 'government should own the railroads, not railroads the government'. How does giving Iraq back to a bunch of crazed medievalists advance that cause? If you think the government should own the railroads, what good does it do to help the people who want to blow us up, railroads and all? I'm beginning to think the Left isn't really the Left anymore. They're some kind of weird, post-modern pyromaniacs, who just want to set things afire for the pleasure of watching them burn. I'm telling you, evil is weird, and so is history. It's less like Das Kapital than Lord of the Rings. The anti-fascist left should have no part of this, but anti-fascism is a relic on the Left, anyway. Now it's just hatred of the West and nihilistic hatred of wealth and power. Spooky.

And there's the ever studly Mark Helprin.