The Right Coast

May 14, 2004
Come fly with Terry
By Tom Smith

Can I say Terry instead of TeRAYsa? (a mnemonic from James Taranto -- she wants TeRAYsa your taxes) . . . Anyway, I'm shopping for a personal jet aircraft and I think the kind Terry Kerry has would do me just fine. Still puzzling out where the 50 very, very large is going to come from (donations gladly accepted), but here's what she, I mean it, it being the jet, looks like. Lovely, isn't she/it? Somewhere in all this is the answer to the question, why should I pay more taxes? I drive a leased 2001 Volvo wagon with a dent (spouse) in it. Nice jet, though. If she becomes first lady could I like, sit in it? Check out the interiors. People spend millions, seriously, millions, to decorate the interiors of these things. Would it be possible to find out how much Terry spent to decorate the interior of her jet? For the cost of one of these flying puppies, you could have sent 5000 San Diego kids to the sort of private school John went to for one year. Or not. Nice jet though.