The Right Coast

May 13, 2004
And another thing
By Tom Smith

To elaborate on what Maimon says below, sentiments like this (same link as below to instapundit, but what the heck)can fairly be described, they can only be described as unpatriotic. Am I questioning the patriotism of critics of the war? No. I am stating, asserting, observing the obvious fact that a lot of critics of the war are NOT PATRIOTIC. They want America to lose, they are quite willing to see a bunch of American young men and women die if that's what it takes to humiliate Bush, they hold many if not most American people in contempt, they grossly underestimate the evil of our enemies and the goodness of our cause, and they are deliberately obtuse about the ongoing threat of WMD's, which for my money are now in Syria or Jordan or Iran, and may show up when least expected, just to mention of few of their shortcomings. There is precious little of the "When right to keep her right, when wrong to put her right, but my country right or wrong" sentiment amongst the left. I'm not talking about old-fashioned Democrats of which there are a few left, but rather the left of the academy and the media and a good part of Democratic party. They really do hate America and want to see her humiliated. If that's not unpatriotic, what is it? I don't question John Kerry's patriotism--though I wouldn't say I'm entirely convinced by it either--but if you don't think a lot of the academic and journalistic left hate this country, you're just a sap, unable to believe unpleasant truths. It may be somewhat irrational for them to hate the USA, but hatred is an irrational emotion. Lots of kids hate parents who make their pampered lives possible. It should join the catalog of unpleasant truths you manage to accept after age 40. There really are women who hate men, men who hate women, people who hate other people of particular races, religions and nationalities. And a lot of people who hate this country. Things get a lot clearer once you accept that fact. OK, a pretty obvious post. I'll try to go back to my normal, brilliant self for next time.

AND this (via instapundit again).
And this.