The Right Coast

April 25, 2004
When in Rome
By Tom Smith

Maybe Kerry only thinks he's a Catholic.

Mel Gibson and Kerry make an interesting contrast. Gibson disagrees with the Vatican II reforms, so he joins a schismatic, ultra-traditionalist church, supports it heavily with his own money, and puts a hundred million or more into making an ultra-traditionalist Catholic movie about the Crucifixion. Kerry says he is a Catholic, and attends Mass at the Paulist Center in Boston, kind of a refugee camp for liberation theologians and other dissidents purged (for want of a kinder word) from the Church in the 1970's and '80's under the leadership of John-Paul, who for reasons of his own, was rather, let us say, skeptical about the fusion of Marxism and Catholicism.

Why do right wing schismatics break away and form their own church, while left-wing schismatics-in-spirit Catholics remain a part of the Church, or at least say they do? I think it may because the left-wingers want to undermine the Church as an institution, "working from within." As the Students for a Democratic Society used to say, "The cell of the new society, within the shell of the old." Sort of like in the movie Alien.