The Right Coast

April 19, 2004
What gender are you today?
By Tom Smith

Kevin Drum says the Westminster school board is being bigotted to resist the California legislature's mandate that students and staff should be able to "define their own gender." The board is doing so apparently on grounds of Christianity. That is probably politically unwise, especially when the mandate could be resisted on grounds of logic. What on earth does it mean to "define your own gender"? Could you say you are male on Mondays and female on Tuesdays? Could you invent a new gender, say, schlemale, and insist that you have your own bathroom or lockerroom? Is it maybe just a little bit unfair to the boys to have to share digs with a girl who says she's a boy? Doesn't it say in the Bible somewhere, thou shalt not follow a multitude to be a moron?

I mean, please. If you have a girl who wishes she were a boy, then what you have is a girl. Who wishes she were a boy. But she is still a girl. All the professors in the world spouting pseudo-scientific nonsense about socially constructed blah blah blahs don't change that. You don't have to be a Christian to see that. It may help, because it makes it less likely that you are in the grip of that particular insanity. But any form of reasonably lucid thinking will do. If you think you're a Martian, you're still an Earthling. Sorry, it's a tough old world that way.

If Kevin Drum can criticize people for saying, this particular law is just too idiotic, we won't obey it, when the law really is just as idiotic as they say it is, that's his problem. Maybe he only thinks he has a point.

Just one more little point. If some high school girl thinks she is a boy, or high school boy thinks he is a girl, what they need is help. Instead of messing with people's minds and forcing otherwise harmless Christians to be the ones to stand up and say, uh, sorry, but they aren't really boys or girls, the state could provide some real psychiatric care, along the lines of, Debbie, you're a girl. Let's see how we can deal with that, here's a concept for you, FACT.