The Right Coast

April 16, 2004
We need some procedural innovation here
By Tom Smith

I'll spare you the details of my Civil Procedure class at Yale Law School. It might have been called, "Let's Make Something Up." But maybe we could use that now with the 9/11 commission. Perhaps the commissioners could question themselves. I know it sounds unusual, but work with me. You might get something along the lines of

Ms. Gorelick: Did you, or did you not, erect "the wall" that prevented sharing of intelligence between the FBI and the CIA?
Ms. Gorelick: That's not a fair question!
Ms. Gorelick: Well, how would you ask it?
Ms. Gorelick: I'm not sure. How would you ask it?
Ms. Gorelick: I asked you first!

Over perhaps they could break into small groups and question each other. That seems to work in grade school.

Here's a link to some excellent blogging on the 9/11 commission. Who picked these bozos?