The Right Coast

April 15, 2004
Totally. I think it would be a mistake to see [Castro] as a Ceausescu. I would compare him more to Reagan and Clinton. … They were both tall and had great shoulders, and so does Fidel.

By Tom Smith

I use Oliver Stone's own words because I can't make up anything more ridiculous than that. Read the whole thing, as Glen Reynolds suggests. Castro's little Hollywood lapdog reveals his tiny mind and his missing conscience. Castro has great shoulders. My God.

I wonder if Oliver Stone ever managed to sell his ski lodge in Telluride. He was asking $10 million. Maybe he'd like to go live in Elian's reeducation camp, assuming they haven't snuffed the little guy.

UPDATE: Oxblog update on those darn Cuban thugs. They're so cute. This is pretty good.