The Right Coast

April 29, 2004
Torricelli option
By Tom Smith

Hugh Hewitt has some interesting points to make about whether the Dems will dump Kerry. An open convention would certainly make for high political drama. I almost hope it happens just because it would be fun to watch on the tube. Maybe even my boys would get interested in politics? Probably too much to hope when it's competing with the fantasy of video games and all that.

Hugh Hewitt has by far the best right-wing radio talk show, IMHO. I would listen to it more, except for the incessant interruptions for ads, the bane of all of them. Does anybody really think Rush uses a Porta-Spa or whatever it's called? Or that Laura Ingram sleeps on a Thermapedic (or whatever) mattress. Foxy-pedic maybe. Hugh is always flogging some uber-refi mortgage guy. I can't listen to that stuff.

But, as to Hugh, he has this very upbeat, sunny Christian style, but if you listen to the substance, he is quite ruthless, often fairly mean, and dismissive of people who deserve dismissing. He's not afraid to dismiss utter lightweights such as Kevin Drum, who has never had an insight in his life, as far as I can tell. God bless Drum for his success, however. One more job towards economic recovery. As to Hewitt, the mix of snarky LA style and "Morning glory, evening grace," (some sort of fundie salutation he uses a lot) works, surprisingly enough. He occasionally veers into the sort of self-preoccupation that is another trap for radio stars. Rush seems to be pulling out of his tail spin a bit, but during what I realize now must have been the depths of his narcotics addiction, all he seemed to talk about was himself, whom he was golfing with, what pro football star he had dinner with. As if I care. Hugh does a little of that too. Sometime this week, he was talking about some internet quiz about what Bob Dylan song you are, and reported some listener had convinced him it should be "Forever Young." Not "You're So Vain"? Oh, right, not Dylan. Still, what good is being a radio star if you can't indulge in the occasional toad puff.

As to dumping Kerry, sounds like right-wing fantasy to me. Could the American people elect such an obviously dissembling, insincere, self-serving, condescending and fundamentally grubby person (i.e. Kerry -- I know that description doesn't narrow the field of prospective nominees much) to our highest office? Somebody should ask William Jefferson Clinton what he thinks.